As a Minocqua resident for over 20 years and with 37 years of experience designing and building 500+ custom homes, I can take your photos, sketches and ideas and put them on paper for you. After our initial meeting, I start the design process with what I call a “preliminary drawing” which consists of the floor plans laid out and drawn to 1/4″ scale along with the front elevation also drawn to 1/4″ scale. We then meet again to review and critique this preliminary drawing to obtain our ultimate goal of getting exactly what you would like in your new custom home, garage or boathouse. After the preliminary plan review, and with your final approval, I proceed with a complete set of working drawings that you or your builder can use for bidding the job, permitting and the construction process of your new custom home, garage or boathouse.

A complete set of working drawings includes the following:

  • Plan Views: Foundation plan, First floor plan, Second floor plan (if applicable) and Finished basement plan (if applicable)
  • Exterior Elevations: All four elevations
  • Typical wall cross section: This will be drawn at 1/2″ scale
  • Construction notes and details: these items will be drawn on each page as needed

Note: Plan views and exterior elevations will be drawn at 1/4″ scale. A completed set of working drawings will be printed on 24″ x 36″ size “Architectural D” paper.


Call Jeff @ 630-584-7500 to discuss design/drawing fees. I look forward to hearing from you!